Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lemmiwinks is our new kitten, although he's more in his cat teens than baby kitten.

After about a year of harrasing Wattsy he finally relented and let me get a kitten.
"It can be my birthday present" I argued, "Moo needs a friend" was a another comment I made.

I Googled "Free Kittens to good home" and got a result in Springvale, only about 15 minutes away from us, I called the man (who sounded nice and normal) and arranged to pick up a 9 week old girl kitten on Saturday.

Saturday morning we go to pick up our kitten and arrive at one of those houses that you see on a Current Affair with rubbish and smelly stuff all over the yard. The nice and normal man looks like a homeless Santa who freaked Wattsy out so much he confessed on the way home that he thought the homeless Santa lured us there with kittens and was going to kill us.

He takes us out the back, (We have to dodge Cactus, bins full of water, grass up to our knees etc...) and we see these kittens locked in a small glasshouse type shed. The kitten I was supposed to get was a girl which was a brown tabby- but then I saw this scared, super cute grey tabby hiding in a pillow- I knew then we'd be taking him. Santa puts him in the box and away we go.

It wasn't until after we got home and opened the box that we realised he was a feral, he cried (and not the cry of a 9 week old kitten, it turns out he's about 4 months old) and climbs up the security door to the railing in our house. For about 15 mins he cried and shook until Wattsy got him down insisting that he has to go to the pound as he is a feral, I had my doubts though he seemed scared but wasn't hissing or scratching. After about an hour of crying and shaking and runnning to hide every chance he got Wattsy held him and he purred- I knew he was staying then and there.

The first 2 weeks Of Lemmiwinks being there weren't the greatest for him- he was covered in oil and fleas- so he was flea treated and wormed in a few days and about a week of upset tummy from changing his diet, he's nothing like the cat we picked up from that place though. He's smoochy, playful, talkative nad hyperactive and he seems to have really made himself at home.

He's pretty much the best thing ever!

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