Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The wheels on the bus go round and round

Public Transport Monthly Roundup- June

Catching a bus through Dandenong everyday for work is at times highly amusing and at other times downright scary. I have made a rule with myself not to take my phone out of my pocket at Dandenong Station- just don't do it, ever!

In the morning generally everyone is quiet, its too early for the junkies to be up and annoying everybody and begging for drug money and/or smokes.
On the way home its a completely different story.
2 Weeks ago there was a guy actually arranging a drug deal on the bus, in front of everyone and doing a suggestive sell as well as in "hey why don't get a quarter instead of a gram?" He must have needed the money.
There is also a guy who catches my bus every afternoon, I've actually nicknamed him Angry Dude for reasons I'm sure you can guess. The dude is just a total Prick (with a capital P) Racist, Inconsiderate, Severe anger issues and just an absolute meathead he has been known to yell at people for accidentally kicking his seat, yell at bus drivers for being late or not opening the doors fast enough on the bus. I hate him and refuse to sit anywhere near him in case:
A) He beats me up
or B) People think I am associated with him, each option is equally bad.
Last week there was a guy who was offended when another guy who he didn't know sat on the other end of the backseat with him. Loud complaints were made and bitching proceded and he actually asked the guy if he sat there because he wanted a cuddle, now this is Dandenong so add in a little more coloured language.

For the closer though nothing beats the girl who was on her phone and not very quiet about it for about 15 mins and divulged that she had pasta for dinner the night before, was annoyed at Lisa and told whoever she was on the phone to that her new boyfriend sucked in bed- as in bad at everything. I'm not gonna get too graphic in what she said- shame she couldn't do the same.

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  1. Dandenong.
    Can I throw a party when I'm done with that town?